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Bunge North America (BNA) is the world's main squeeze. Its milling division, which operates five mills, is the largest corn dry miller in the world. In addition to corn, BNA also deals in soybeans, canola, wheat, rice, and sorghum. Its grain division stores the oilseed crops; its processing division operates oilseed-processing plants in US and Canada. – mais... Its crusher/refiner facility in Iowa is the one of the largest oil-extraction lines in the US. BNA's oil division blends and sells edible oil to food manufacturers, foodservice operators, and retail food outlets throughout the North American continent. The company is also a wholesaler of fertilizer products. BNA is the North American arm of Bunge Limited.




The commodities company has been concentrating on expanding its infrastructure. Through an agreement with the SCF Marine subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings, BNA is forming a joint venture in 2011. Named Bunge-SCF Grain, the venture will operate from a facility at the northernmost point of the Mississippi River that will have the capacity to ship and receive grains, soybeans, and their byproducts. BNA has locations in more than 15 US states, five Canadian provinces, and in Mexico City. Its US elevators are mainly located along the Mississippi River and its tributaries, where it operates its own fleet of barges.

Building upon its oils business, BNA acquired a pair of margarine production facilities and related assets from The C.F. Sauer Company in mid-2011. The purchase helps to expand BNA's selection of low saturated and trans-fat products. The plants, located in Kansas and Virginia, can roll out up to 400 million pounds of margarine annually, and the margarine can be packaged in a range of sizes, from 5-gram portion cups for restaurants to 1-ton totes for food processors. BNA continues to operate the Virginia facility, however, it intends to eventually transition margarine production from Kansas to other locations. Prior to buying C.F. Sauer's operations, BNA acquired the assets of New Jersey-based Mid-Atlantic Vegetable Shortening in early 2009. Mid-Atlantic supplied liquid oils, shortenings, margarines, and butter blends for customers in the bakery, food processing, and foodservice sectors in the northeastern US. 

During 2010 BNA entered the rice milling niche of the industry through its purchase of Pacific International Rice Mills, a US maker of milled rice in bulk and packaged form. The company sells it products in domestic and export markets.

Soren Schroeder heads up BNA as its CEO. In 2009, he replaced Carl Hausmann, who was promoted to the position of managing director of global government and corporate affairs at Bunge Limited. Schroeder is a company veteran, having previously served as the VP of agribusiness with Bunge's European operations.
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