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Carl Zeiss Meditec wants to clear things up in the eyes of its customers. The company manufactures ophthalmic diagnostic and therapeutic products, including examination and surgical microscopes, diagnostic systems, laser surgery equipment, and intraocular lenses. It sells directly to ophthalmology clinics and private practices and takes advantage of – mais... the worldwide distribution network of its controlling parent Carl Zeiss. Carl Zeiss Meditec also makes surgical microscopes used in neurological and ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeries, including tumor removal and nerve reconstruction procedures.

The firm is conducting R&D efforts to expand its ophthalmic, neurological, and ENT technologies, especially in the fields of surgical and microsurgical instruments. In addition, Carl Zeiss Meditec is developing intraoperative radiation therapy systems that treat breast and brain cancer by zapping tumors directly with radiation during surgery. Its INTRABEAM system was launched for the treatment of breast tumors in certain markets in 2009.

The company has broadened its operations through acquisitions as well. Historical efforts have included the purchases of French ophthalmic surgery and intraocular lens (IOL) specialist IOLTECH (2004) and German IOL maker Acri.Tec (2007). Carl Zeiss Meditec entered the ENT market through the 2006 takeover of its sister company Carl Zeiss Surgical. The firm is exploring further growth options in emerging markets, especially in the Asia/Pacific region.

Carl Zeiss Meditec named Dr. Ludwin Monz as its new CEO in 2010, replacing Dr. Michael Kaschke, who became chairman of the company's supervisory board. Kaschke was also later named CEO of the parent company.

Carl Zeiss owns a 65% stake in Carl Zeiss Meditec.
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