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At thyssenkrupp, we have more than 155,000 employees in almost 80 countries. We are active in automotive engineering, logistics, plant technology, steel production, elevator manufacturing, and much more. We have over 200 years of experience in industry and cutting-edge technology. We want to give you an insight on who we are, what we do and how we do it.For example in New York: thyssenkrupp played an integral role in shaping the way people move in and around the iconic One World Trade Center. Combining a variety of customized solutions specific to the demands of such a momentous structure, thyssenkrupp designed and installed 12 escalators and 71 elevators at One World Trade Center, including the fastest in the Americas.

thyssenkrupp award for best brand relaunch

In November 2015 thyssenkrupp relaunched its brand - and now we have won the German "Marken Award" for our Relaunch. This has been a great experience of engineering. tomorrow. together.

Experience thyssenkrupp in Bremen, Germany

We all know that engineers bring a certain technological artistry to their work. But they can be real artists too, as our colleague Ulrich Schreier from Bremen. He’s a mechanical engineer and a sculptor with a passion for robots.

Experience the together in engineering. tomorrow. together.

We truly believe that working together is what brings out the best in our company. So we had our employees share their together moment.

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A company in global competition

As an international group, we speak many languages: With almost 1900 sites worldwide, we have laid the foundations for a successful global company – and we want to build on that. That’s why we’re looking for you: individuals who are inspired by a wide variety of views and opportunities, in order to bring them together
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