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Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything can be connected. We’re driven by our ability to redefine what’s possible to make a difference in our customers’ lives today and tomorrow. We’re idealistic, resourceful, and grounded — always finding a better way to deliver connections with the capacity to change the world. – mais... We do everything from low-level embedded systems development to large-scale distributed systems to cloud computing, machine learning, and big data analytics. We offer fast connections for consumers and businesses by providing residential broadband internet over satellite, managed enterprise Wi-Fi services, and the world’s best in-flight internet connectivity.

Viasat does amazing things every day that have a very real and positive impact for people all over the world. We make sure to provide trusted, secure, and reliable secure networking and communications solutions to customers every day. We’re a team of fearless innovators, always pushing the boundaries of what others say can’t be done.

Yet we’re not done...we’re just beginning.
 – menos
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dos funcionários aprovam o desempenho de Mark Dankberg como CEO.
A aprovação do CEO é baseada em 127 avaliações.