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2018 Heart & Soul Awards

We believe every journey has the potential to enrich lives, and that belief will drive us further for our guests and for ourselves. When we fly a global airline, nothing can be left to chance, guests put their trust in us every day. It is through our pride and ability to work together to win that makes WestJet unique as an airline.

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WestJet is embarking upon a transformative era, transitioning from a successful low-cost carrier (LCC) founded in 1996, to a global, full service network carrier with the delivery of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft in 2019. In support of our global expansion and offering more affordable travel opportunities to all Canadians, WestJet has recently launched – mais... 

  • The perfect combination of comfort and value. You're going to love where you're going in our #WestJet787 Premium cabin. Photo via @ace.yyc ✈️ #WestJet
  • Did you know? Our #WestJet787 is inspired by distinctly Canadian themes just like this! Photo via @kwong_kevin ✈️ #WestJet
  • We're feeling the love for our #WestJet787. 💙 This is what our #Dreamliner dreams were made of. ✈️
  • Can't decide between a beach vacation or a city break? We have the answer and it looks a lot like this. Photo via @geebird11 ✈️ #WestJet
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